Frequently Asked Questions | The Rowdy Club - Own the Streets


What is a Rowdy Drop?+

Think of it as a Mic Drop, but with the Rowdiest, coolest and funkiest clothes you will ever find. The buck for street style stops here, Rowdies. Every Rowdy Drop is a new collection, with fresh new styles to keep the Rowdy in you satiated.

What is Streetwear?+

Streetwear is a style, an attitude, a state of being for us Rowdies! We like to keep it comfortable, casual and super fashionable too. Simply put, streetwear is something you can pull off anytime, anywhere - just like a Rowdy should.

What is dropped shoulders?+

Rowdies aren’t perfect, but that’s what makes us, us! We don’t follow the conventional rules so our clothing is designed a little differently too. Ideally the armhole seam falls on the shoulder, but all Rowdy wear clothing carry a seam that falls a little below the shoulder lending the apparel that Rowdy finish we all love so very much.

Why are so many products out of stock?+

At Rowdy wear, we like to keep it niche. We’ve got too much swag to share with you all and so we create Drops with limited quantities only. Worry not, Rowdies. A new drop with a fresh new style will be on the way soon enough, so let by gones, be bygones.

I want a product but it is out of stock. What can I do?+

Unless you have a time machine, we really can’t help you here. Think of every piece of Rowdy wear as limited edition clothing. If it’s out, it’s out. Hope you make it in time for the next Rowdy drop!

I like the style, but what size should I buy?+

We’re not one to keep a true Rowdy hanging. Check the Size Guide and go get Rowdy!

My tee / shirt / unicorn / leprechaun doesn’t fit me. What should I do?+

You’re a Rowdy! We don’t fit in anyway so don’t worry about it. Streetstyle clothes are usually baggy/loose fitting clothes, so really, just put the damn thing on and go flaunt your Rowdy spirit. Also, please check the size guide before you make a purchase next time!

Why is a tee so expensive?+

Umm, why is the world round? The aesthetic, style and fabric we use is what sets us apart. Every piece of clothing goes through insane pre and post processing like bio-wash, enzyme wash etc. Being a Rowdy comes at a cost. Can you handle it?