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rowdy electric tee

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A boxy fit and a crisp, yet casual look. The Rowdy Electric Tee is cooling to the eye and riveting to the Soul. The vibrant colour complements the Rowdy spirit, setting you apart, ensuring you stand out even amongst the biggest crowd - silently making the loudest statement.

Sold Out

About Rowdy Electric Tee:

  • The Rowdy Electric Tee is fabricated to suit every weather and every mood. The arrow accents common to Rowdy wear add a signature Rowdy touch. Whether you are lounging at home or strutting out to take over the world, this Tee will make you look effortless.
  • Made with single knit jersey cotton, the Rowdy Electric Tee is light, crisp and makes a statement with it’s bold, yet soothing colours. It is simple and stylish, comfortable and fashionable, subtle and wicked.
  • A street-style staple, the Electric Tee can be paired with joggers, jeans and chinos to make a lasting impression. It is the perfect tee to bring out the Rowdy in you this season with its fresh colour palette and minimalist design.

The Details:

  • The Elementals Collection was created to be subtly bold - a very Rowdy trait. The colours are fresh and the stitch is crisp giving your look a boxy, free-flowing edge. The arrow accents synonymous with Rowdy add texture to the overall look.
  • Wee only wear what we are super cozy in, so we got you the same! Each Rowdy Electric Tee has been Bio and Silicon washed for a soft feel and utmost comfort!
  • Each Rowdy Electric Tee earns you 130 Rowdy points. Shipping is free for orders above INR 1000. Domestic orders will be delivered in 7-10 days and International orders will be delivered in 15-20 days.

Return Policy:

    We make Rowdy wear with full love and care, in limited quantities. We request you to refer to the size guides before your purchase.

    In case there's an issue with the product you received, reach out to us on +91-9121022336 and our wonderful customer care team will guide you with the return process.

    We love you :)

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