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tie n dye spectrum tee

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At the far end of the rainbow, you’ll find a Rowdy! Notoriously waiting there to spike your day with some fun! While the world lugs around in their monotones, we Rowdies like to spice it up with some hand-dyed goodness.

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About Tie n Dye Spectrum Tee:

  • All you really need to make your life colourful is the right set of primary colours. This Tee has them all. A play of shadows and bright colours, this tee is simply iconic. The uneven spread of colours blends so well with our chaotic lifestyle, and brings some style to our madness.
  • With a fit that loosely drapes your frame, this shirt is perfect for this time of the year - transitioning to the summers. The technique used here is straightforward, just like our attitude on the streets. But the sentiment; that doesn’t change.
  • Free flowing, uneven and conforming to no rules - the Rowdy ideology is perfectly tied and dyed into this shirt.

The Details:

  • With our signature Rowdy branding on the right sleeve, breaking through the colours - this shirt is most definitely a splash of Rowdy goodness in your face. The Rowdy Spectrum Tee is blissful, fearless and funky.
  • When you walk about wearing this tie & dye masterpiece, rest assured - you will definitely have all eyes on you. After all, it’s hard to ignore the imperfect Rowdy quirks that always set the mood on the streets.
  • We only wear what we are super cozy in, so we got you the same! Each Rowdy Spectrum Tee has been Silicon-Washed to ensure the utmost comfort!
  • Each Rowdy Spectrum Tee earns you 90 Rowdy points. Shipping is free for orders above INR 1000. Domestic orders will be delivered in 10-20 days and International orders will be delivered in 20-30 days.

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    We love you :)

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