Our Story | The Rowdy Club - Own the Streets

The Rowdy

A Rowdy is one who dares to stand alone and stand out. For them, there are no rules. There is an indomitable spirit that only knows to get what it wants. The Rowdy is the force within.

What is Rowdy Wear?

Let’s start by clarifying what we are not. We are not just another brand. We are not just an idea.
Rowdy is a way of life; an undeterred spirit ready to take this world by a storm.
To rebel is a thing of the past. We get Rowdy! Rowdy Wear is symbolic of this spirit. It is a manifestation of the Rowdy within.

Since we don’t play by the rules, we decided to create something that is equally unconventional and that compliments us. Inspired by street-style and sculpted to imperfection, Rowdy Wear is a range of clothing that helps pick the Rowdies apart in a crowd full of mundane.

The Rowdy Spirit

Unconditional. Undeterred. Unforgettable.
We go after what we want and we do it in style. Rowdy wear has been made keeping the Rowdy Spirit in mind - clothes for those who Hustle hard, and party harder! We can make everything seem effortless, because our passion drives us further and let’s nothing get in the way.